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Hacking the Mission

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Hacking the Mission

Jason expects the loggers to be furious because he trashed their stuff. Why aren’t they? And why don’t they just give up, since the greenies have found something that means they can’t cut down the trees anyway? Weirdest of all, why are they messing with other people’s computers?

The nerd in Jason can’t resist investigating, but what he discovers jeopardises the whole campaign to save the forest.

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Hacking the Mission is the sequel to Who Will Save the Planet?. If you haven’t read Who Will Save the Planet?, no problem, coz you can get the eBook for free; see here.


Fourteen-year-old Jason can’t say no when Emma from school asks for his help to stop a logging company. But Jason’s behaviour takes a turn for the worse after he receives some bad news, and he gets into a serious clash with the loggers. Curiously, the loggers don’t react as expected.

Things get even stranger when weird computer glitches suggest the loggers are up to something. Using his computer smarts, Jason starts to investigate but it isn’t long before he runs into technical difficulties.

Luckily that mightn’t matter because Emma’s father has discovered something that brings the logging to a halt. But when Jason gets computer help from a surprising source, he makes a shocking discovery of his own that makes him wonder whether he should stay on Emma’s side or quit the fight altogether. Unfortunately, getting the evidence he needs will require more bad behaviour.

A lot more.

Want more?

You can read the first four chapters of Hacking the Mission right now, for free. They’re included at the end of eBook versions of Who Will Save the Planet?. Alternatively, many of the on-line sellers offer free previews of 30% of the whole book.