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About Me

Don't point that thing at me

Work Experience

I served as an engineering officer in the RAAF for 28 years. For about half of that time I worked in headquarters (ie, the government Department of Defence) in Canberra, in a variety of planning-related positions.

During a sabbatical, I was associated with ANU’s Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies (now absorbed into The Fenner School of Environment and Society).

Since January 2008, I have been a full-time fiction writer.


I have the following tertiary qualifications:

  • PhD (thesis: dealing with uncertainty in long-range planning)
  • Masters Degree in Information Science
  • Bachelors Degree in Engineering (Aeronautical)
  • Diploma of Government (Management)

I have completed two writing courses via the ACT Writers Centre.



  • Preparedness and the maintenance function. 400pp. Available here.
  • Where are they when you need them? Support arrangements for deployed air power. 262pp. Available here.
Preparedness and the maintenance function


  • The application of risk management methods to the employment of civilians in an area of operations. Available here.
  • Horses for courses: a framework for evaluating capability options across multiple contexts. Available here. An abbreviated version of this paper was presented at the 11th Australian International Aerospace Conference, 2005.
  • Network centric warfare and the ADF health system (with PA White). Available here.
Horses for courses


  • Dealing with uncertain futures in defence strategic planning (PhD thesis, 344pp). Available here.
  • Numerous articles for Air Force News.
  • A number of RAAF Pathfinder bulletins.


I am a member of:



I love computer programming and computer games.

I also love classical music. I enjoy playing the piano and flute, albeit not classical music because it’s too hard.

Contact Me

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